Your Ultra Shine in the Night
48MP Bright Night Potrait | 32MP Softlight Selfie
48MP Bright Night Portrait 48MP Bright Night Portrait 48MP Bright Night Portrait
48MP Bright Night Potrait
Glitter starlight is not as charming as   one ten thousandth of you. CAMON 19 Neo's 48MP Main Camera with   0.8μm pixel area can build sharper and clearer night shots.
Super Night With Filters
Your night is yours!   You can choose from various cool and fun filters to take super stylish photos, and you'll   be the best socialite!
Professional Photography Professional Photography Professional Photography
16MP Pro Selfie Camera
Fill in the light for your selfies with super light algorithm,   highlight your beauty even in the dark.    
Professional Mode
Your photography soul is nowhere to rest? Night scenes, starry skies, star trails, sports, traffic...   All kinds of blockbuster shots at your disposal, so you can quickly become a master photographer!
Dual-core 3D LUT
The Dual-core 3D LUT technology can optimize the background and portrait separately: for portrait optimization, it can   make the skin tone more natural and clothing color more realistic;   for background optimization, it can   make the color of natural scenery more vivid.
AI Beauty
Upgrade your beauty according to different skin tones together with   AI intelligent recognition of men and women for differentiated beauty.
Professional Videography Professional Videography Professional Videography
FOV 80.3°
6P lens
FOV 80.4°
5P lens
Film Master
Film Master
More templates added in CAMON 19 Neo,   you can play with a variety of transitions, camera movements, and music choices   to get a glimpse of what   being a movie director feels like.  
Portrait Video Bokeh
Infuse your video with something interesting with Portrait Video Bokeh. The background of the video will be blurred while the portrait you want to focus on will become sharper and more distinct.  
Premium Design Premium Design Premium Design
Geometric cutting design
Light and shadow   cutting prism on the back case, so that light and shadow and lines intersect, each side is outstanding
Symbolic Twin Camera
Borderless Image Module   Reinforces the flagship concept of dual main cameras.   A simple and unique   design that emphasises the professional image of the CAMON 19 series.
Slim and Straight
Breakthrough of   One-piece slim body.
The mid-frame platform surface is slightly curved, with soft R-angles on both sides to ensure a   rounded feel wherever you hold it.
Eco Black
Ice Mirror
Dreamland Green
The fine sandy black color is like a ceramic with a delicate and warm texture, bringing you a sense of calmness and a delicate feel.
The blue colour is like a layer of ice to bring you a touch of coolness, and the dynamic patchwork of lenticular light and shadow enriches the layers, adding detail and a sense of quality.
Vibrant green with a geometric patchwork pattern, the flow of light and shadow changes to create a dreamy green land.
Superior Performance Superior Performance Superior Performance
CPU Helio G85
CAMON 19 Neo will blow you away with its powerful performance.   Say hello to MTK G85 chip   with its better display, more image   processing power and faster speed.
6.8” FHD+ Display
Broader Screen, Better Vision.  
A new level of visual experience   with the CAMON 19 Neo's massive 6.8" FHD+ Display.
Mega Memory + Memory Fusion
Extra large memory (128GB+6GB) capacity to   store everything you want.   Convert idle ROM memory to RAM memory through memory fusion technology to   fully enhance the smoothness of your phone.
* Extended RAM up to 5GB.
5000mAh Large Battery +
18W Flash Charge
Gone are the days of low power. 5000mAh battery for   continuous battery life;   coupled with   18W Flash Charge.
CAMON 19 Neo guards your transactions strictly with NFC technology.
Every payment will be simple, easy and safe.
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