Grater Shot

The grater shot is a low light shot. We need a grater, a flashlight and a Tecno smartphone. The flashlight is hidden behind the grater to show patterns of light emerging on the subject's face. Finally the subject poses and the shot is clicked in a dark room.

Shadow Play Selfie

This requires, white drape, your Tecno phone and lots of sunlight. The subject has to sit in direct sunlight covering itself and the phone with the drape. Patterns will emerge from the drape on the subject's face which is captured by the front camera. Finally Pose and click.

Reflection Shot

The reflection shot uses two smartphones aligned at a 90 degree angle. The second smartphone has to be aligned horizontally with the camera lens of the first smartphone and the subject needs to be clicked accordingly.


Bottle Tunnel Shot

The Bottle Tunnel Shot required a smartphone and a water bottle. To make the tunnel, we need to cut a plastic bottle from both sides to make it a hollow tunnel. Slide the camera on the one side of the tunnel and make the subject stand at a distance. Finally click through the tunnel to get a bottle tunnel shot.