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Made to Catch Eyes

Design and Display

Silky Smooth Touch Feelings

The innovative smooth glass perfectly combines the delicacy of silk with the sparkle of glass, all without scrimping on integrity


Groundbreaking Protection

Ergonomic Brilliance in Your Grasp

The golden angle of 36.5 provide the best fit in your hand


You are the Master of Night

Super Night Camera

POP5 Lite banner image
POP5 Lite banner image

Industry Leading 1/1.3 inch Super Large Sensor

2.4μm super large pixel size · 50MP · f/1.85 big aperture · 7P Camera

Real Night Vision——Polar Night Mode

When light condition in 0.1 lux, Phantom could Restore the World that human eyes couldn't see.

Full pixel dual-core + laser focus

Laser-focus technology uses an additional sensor to focus on even distant objects in low light conditions.

Super Night View 3.0

Bring the night alive and capture more Than your eyes can see. Phantom X adds more light and details to every image so that every shot is picture-perfect.

30X Closer than Close

Combining optical and digital zoom allows you to bring the background into focus without compromising on quality.

You Are Always the Focus and Stunning

50mm Golden Portrait Lens. Comparable to the DSLR Camera

Portrait light effects let you pick the lighting without the need to change your surroundings, brighten the colors, hide the background or even put yourself in paradise.

Light Up Your Night

The meshing of flash, low light HDR and AI mean your nightlife snaps will shine with vivid color, energy and exuberance.

Capture Your Best Beauty, 48MP Ultra-Clear Selfie

Enhanced AI beauty mode will bring out your best face in realistic, true-to-life color.

More Than Beauty Everybody Says Cheese

105 Degree Ultra Wide-Angle Selfie Camera.
A wider angle means not just of you, but of friends and loved ones — could be set against stunning backgrounds.

4K Movie Camera
Redefine Professional

Take it slow, 960fps Super Slo-Mo.

Rediscover life’s most endearing charms and subtlety that you’ve long overlooked through 960fps super slo-mo.

4K time-lapse Video
Reimagine the World

Without any manual configuration, you can savor the magnificence of shooting stars and the changing world. When you pause and observe, you will see how breathtaking your surroundings are.

Ready to be a Movie Director

Switch on the Movie Mode, and experience how to create cinematic films effortlessly. A wide-ranging variety of templates and purposely composed music are available to guide you through every step of your way from a filming novice to a pro.

Bigger on the inside

Smartphones have become the hub where we process everything, so you won’t want any hiccups.
256GB ROM + 13GB RAM* (* 8GB Physical RAM+ 5GB RAM with Memory Fusion,Virtual RAM may need OTA update)

A short charge goes a long way

A speedy charge of 20 minutes can pump 50 percent battery life into this device.

Liquid Cooling to Dissipate Heat

1007.5mm Liquid Cooling system, 100% cover main heat area, super efficient heat dissipation, CPU core temperature will be 3-5 degrees lower than normal heat dissipation system.

Your Privacy is Safe With Us

Protecting your privacy is our top priority. That’s why we have put in place numerous security measures to ensure Phantom X is your data safe haven. You can restrict access to important information, and tuck away apps of your choice from prying eyes. In the event where you’ve lost your phone, you can lock it remotely. Even our screen is anti-peep.

Hey Ella
AI Voice Assistant

Phantom X is bringing back the most thoughtful virtual assistant who has now mastered the language and can continue to lend you a helping hand even when you’re disconnected from the internet. Make calls, set up alarms, play videos, and do so much more, without lifting a finger. Whether your hands are full or simply don’t feel like moving, summon Ella.

AI Live Transcribe
A Phone Truly For Everybody

Auditory disabilities should not be a barrier that prevents you from making meaningful conversations with your friends and colleagues. Now with Live Transcribe, you can communicate with anyone, anywhere in the moment. Choose from more than 70 languages and dialects and watch what’s being said written out into easy-to-read texts. Captions will also be adjusted to reflect subtle nuances.

Recognise Your image From Any Angle

With document corrective function, Phantom X can detect and extract words from any types of images, no matter how wonky they are. Just snap a photo, select an area and you will see the texts magically and neatly arranged before your eyes. From now, you won’t have to worry about your wobbly hands, or your photography skill isn’t up to mark.


We know how important it is to stay connected on social media these days. With the Floating Chat Box, Phantom X can give you an upper hand in your social game. When you receive a message while watching a video, don’t exit, and stay exactly where you are. The message will pop out as a bubble so you can chatter away, without missing a single detail of the video.

Phone Cloner - Everything Remains the Same

Setting up a new phone has never been easier. Phone Cloner allows you to transfer everything in your old phone to your new one as speedily and hassle-free as possible with a few simple clicks. Chat history, contact details, important files… all that you care about will be cloned to your new device.

Original Design Phone Protection, Elegant Style

Fashionable protection case, soft skin-friendly feel with heartwarming touch. The original factory model design, the hole position accurately corresponds to give you multi-faceted protection.

APP turbo 2.0-One smooth experience

Experience incomparable smoothness. Switching between apps is now like a breeze. No matter how long you’ve spent con-calling, binge-watching videos, or viewing your social media feeds, Phantom X always maintains its peak performance and never slows down.