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Technical Specifications of Pova 2 Series

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Pova 2 Document Auto-rotate Manager feature

7000 mAh Battery (Super Battery Lab)

How can the excitement of playing games be interrupted by a power cut?
POVA2 has a mega 7000 mAh battery with super power saving Solutions provided by Battery Lab, so you can play all the time and never worry about power cuts .

Tecno Pova 2 - Speedy Performance

Speedy performance at your fingertips

POVA2 is equipped with the G85 chip with system turbo v 2.0 will provide you a smoother and more stable operating experience, with everything under your control!

Tecno Mobile phone with 48MP AI Quad Camera

48M Clear Rear Camera

48M Clear Quad Rear Camera with improved image quality in all scenes and increased sensitivity for less noise and cleaner images

Super Night Mode of Tecno Pova

Super Night Mode
Discover the beauty of night

Super AI, one click makes night scenes clearer and colours more dynamic; Your nights shine brighter with the Super Night Mode.

Tecno Pova 2 Mobile videography Mode

2k time lapse videography
The world lapses in 2k

Come along and enjoy the world under 2K, create your own impressive, professional level higher resolution rolls and record what stays steady at a constant flux state. The interval can be automatically adjusted according to the time you intend to shoot.

1080P HD Screen of Pova 2 Mobile

1080P HD Screen(180 Hz sampling rate)
Clearer and Faster

The 1080P FHD screen gives you great picture quality and 180 Hz sampling rate provides the faster screen response which brings you a head start when playing games.


tecno pova 2 new model - 6+128GB


Say goodbye to the worry of no memory and unnecessary waiting or interruptions
Can you imagine how much you can store in 128GB ROM?
30,000 photos / 23,000 musics / 300 games / 200 videos
Besides, high-speed 6GB RAM allows more fluent multitasking and smoother game performance.
Don’t worry about overload of files or any lagginess. * 4+64GB is also available.

18W Dual IC Flash Charging tecno mobile phone

18W Dual IC Flash Charging

Less worry of low battery, POVA 2 supports 18W dual IC flash charge! Charging for 10 minutes, enabling calling for 5.7 hours or music playing for 27 hours. Compared with 18W single IC fast charge, the charging efficiency increased by 20%. Recharging in a much speedier way.

tecno pova 2 new model

ET Game Engine

More Powerful and Dynamic Game Performance with ET (evolving tech) game Engine
that designs specifically for strong performance, users can have a step up from their average playing experience as the engine unlocks high-refresh-rate graphics and dynamic control adjustment.

Tecno Pova 2 budget phone

Upgraded Gaming Space, enhanced Gaming Power

With game acceleration, message-free and professional immersive gaming experience,in addition to this, the game changes its voice with numerous pre-set sound templates, allowing you to freely switch between different voices to create more interesting gaming effects

1080p hd screen tecno pova 2

Let’s battle in WeZone

Build LAN game platforms to play against opponents in created rooms; develop arcade game emulators to enable arcade games to be played on mobile phones; in addition to this, provide paths to LAN-ready game resources. Don't hesitate, come and fight it out!

tecno pova back panel

Backshell Craft
Unique and cool-tech

The special craft creates a unique textured effect that combines a hard-edged feel with a technological pioneer for a cool look.

Pova 2 Mobile Design

Slender grip
Hold the perfect curve

Who says a thin and light body can't be full of big power? POVA's unique design makes a phone with a super-large battery and screen even thinner and lighter.

Cool Colours
The definition of cool style

Perfect match of sharp color and cool texture.
* Polar Silver /Energy Blue/ Dazzle Black are available.

Tecno Pova 2 with 48M Clear Quad Rear Camera

Appearance of 48MP AI Quad Camera
Glassy and Sparkling

Take the POVA2 out of your pocket and you'll find the sparkling rear camera, like a dazzling diamond set in the back case

Super Night Mode of Pova 2 Phone

6.95" Ultra-Large screen

Bigger screen, better experience. The extra-large 6.95-inch screen gives you a wider and more powerful view when playing against each other.

tecno pova 2 new model with HiOS
Tecno Pova 2 Film album

Film Album

Every photo is a testimony of a beautiful moment, with the film album, you can make your pictures into eye-catching movies

Pova 2 Document Auto-rotate Manager feature

Document Auto-rotate Manager

Are there some skewed documents, photos... that give you reading difficulties? With Document Auto-rotate Manager, these documents are automatically corrected. Now reading is more smooth.

Peek Proof Feature on Tecno Pova 2 Mobile

Peek Proof

No more worrying about prying eyes on your privacy. Peek Proof can guard your phone screen privacy from snooping eyes

Vault 2.0 feature of tecno Mobile Pova 2

Vault 2.0

Vauly 2.0 will hide away your apps and gallery from prying eyes, your privacy will be strictly protected

tecno pova latest model

Let Switch

It goes without saying that transferring huge amounts of data to a new phone is a tedious task. Now it is changed, you can clone your old phone by even one click.