TECNO Pova 5G Mobile
TECNO Pova 5G -new mobile phones
Pova 5G  MediaTek Dimensity 900 - new mobile phone

5G flagship chip
11 5G Band support

The MediaTek Dimensity 900 5G Processor, 6nm High-performance Processor, delivers faster application responsiveness, higher and more stable gaming frame rates, and a better network connectivity experience. It also features a low-power design to further extend battery life for mobile gamers.

Pova 5G Enhanced UFS 3.1

Enhanced UFS3.1
Super fast speed

Speed is everything. The enhanced UFS 3.1 allows you to speed up all operations such as copying files, installing app applications, switching between large applications, transferring files, etc.

Pova 5G Enhanced LPDDR5

Enhanced LPDDR5
Unlesh the speed

Does small memory space makes your app laggy? Now you don't have to worry about this problem. LPDDR5 8GB + 3GB Expandable RAM gives you larger memory, so that you can mount more programs in the background, use mulitiple applications anytime, anywhere, even if running massive APPs at the same time. Your operation will become smoother and faster.

Pova 5G - 8+128GB RAM

Say goodbye to lagging

Can you imagine how much you can store in 128GB ROM?
30,000 photos / 23,000 musics / 300 games / 200 videos
Besides this, high-speed 8GB RAM also allows more fluent multitasking and a smoother game performance.
Don’t worry about overload of files or any lagginess.

Pova 5G memory efficiency -indian company mobile

Memory Fusion
Upgrade memory efficiency in all aspects

Pova 5G online phone Display
Pova 5G- 6.9 FHD+ Display

6.9 FHD+ Display
Ultra-clear viewing experience

POVA 5G redefines the world of large-screen HD vision. 1080P ultra-high resolution and 6.9-inch large screen, gives you an increadible viewing experience.

Pova 5G indian mobile- 120Hz refresh rate

120Hz refresh rate
Say goodbye to latency

Embrace a smoother experience altogether. 120Hz high refresh rate not only improves blurring and dragging while gaming, but also makes web scrolling and application animations smoother and faster.

Pova 5G- 180 Hz touch sampling rate

180 Hz touch sampling rate
Clearer and Faster

The FHD screen gives you great picture quality and 180 Hz sampling rate provides faster screen response, which gives you a head start when playing games.

Pova 5G new model phone with 6000 mAh Battery

6000 mAh Battery

How can the excitement of playing games be interrupted by low battery?POVA has a huge 6000 mAh battery, so you can play all the time and never worry about low battery, with its Super Battery Lab.Get long standby, play games up to 11 hours, play music continuously for 183 hours, continuous calling up to 55 hours and surf the Internet for 16 hours.

Pova 5G- Flash Charging

18W Flash Charging

Worry less about low battery, POVA 5G supports 18W flash charge! Charging for 15 minutes, enables playing Clash of Clans for 3 hours or music playing for 12 hours.

Pova 5G- Game Engine 2.0
Pova 5G -upcoming smartphones in india

Panther Game Engine 2.0

Get a more powerful and dynamic game performance with Panther Engine. With its strong function, users can step up from their average playing experience as the engine unlocks high-refresh-rate graphics and dynamic control adjustments.

indian mobile phones Pova 5G with Memory Fusion

11GB with Memory Fusion
Upgraded gaming space, enhanced gaming power

With game acceleration, message-free and professional immersive gaming experience, POVA 5G is made for the coolest playing experience; in addition to this, the game changes its voice with numerous pre-set sound templates, allowing you to freely switch between different voices to create more interesting gaming effects.

indian smart phone Tecno Pova 5G with game platforms

Let’s battle in WeZone

Build LAN game platforms to play against opponents in created rooms; develop arcade game emulators to enable arcade games to be played on mobile phones; in addition to this, provide paths to LAN-ready game resources. Don't hesitate, come and fight it out!

Tecno Pova 5G- camera features
Tecno Pova 5G- best camera phone

50MP Ultra-clear Camera
Never lose any details

Through excellent image processing, the 50 million high-definition Pixels gives you clear texture images, frames the beauty of life, and makes everything you shoot a blockbuster.

Tecno Pova 5G- Anti-Shaking Feature

Professional Anti-Shaking
Stable and clear

Don't worry about shaky hands anymore, the video stabilization 2.0 algorithm gives you professional-grade clear and stable pictures. Get blockbuster video made at your fingertips.

Tecno Pova 5G- Super Night Mode

Super Night Mode
Discover the beauty of night

Super AI makes night scenes clearer and colours more dynamic in one click; with multi-frame intelligent algorithm night shots become translucent and gorgeous. Your nights shine brighter with the Super Night Mode.

Tecno Pova 5G- Backshell Craft

Backshell Craft
Unique and cool-tech

The special craft creates a unique textured effect that combines a hard-edged feel with a technological touch for a cool look.

Tecno Pova 5G- indian phones

Slender grip
Hold the perfect curve

Who says a thin and light body can't be full of power? POVA 5G's unique design makes this phone with super-large battery and screen, look even thinner and lighter.

Tecno Pova 5G- best smartphone in india

Glassy and Sparkling Rear Camera

Take the POVA 5G out of your pocket and you'll find a sparkling rear camera, like a dazzling diamond set in the back case.

Tecno Pova 5G Glassy and Sparkling Rear Camera

6.9 Ultra-Large screen
Bigger screen, better experience

The extra-large 6.9-inch screen gives you a wider and more powerful view when playing against each other.

Tecno Pova 5G- 6.9 Ultra-Large screen