The International Awards Associate (IAA) hosted the competition, which received over 6,300 entries from countries worldwide. The IAA ensured that the competition was fair and accessible, and recognition went only to those who truly deserved the accolade. The competition had 51 jurors who are respected professionals in their respective industries.


PHANTOM X2 Pro Eco-friendly Edition

They evaluated entries based on industry-relevant assessment criteria to identify companies or individuals whose works showcased excellence and pushed their respective industries forward. The blind judging method ensured impartiality, as entries were evaluated by multiple judges without being compared with other submissions.

PHANTOM X2 Series has a unibody curved-screen design that softens the phone's appearance and feel, while its 3.5D lunar crater back cover reduces the impact of the camera module, eliminating sharp corners and giving it a beautiful slimmer look.  An Eco-Friendly Edition is also available for PHANTOM X2 Pro series, featuring a microfiber back cover highlighting the brand's commitment to sustainable design.

PHANTOM X2 Pro 5G is the world's first smartphone to feature a retractable portrait lens comparable to a professional camera to create "studio-like" portrait photography, with a 65mm focal length, 2.5x optical zoom retractable portrait lens, rivaling professional camera shots.

"The industries have gone through significant changes through the years, yet to have these entrants showcase their ability to adapt and overcome, it is certainly surprising and encouraging to our team in IAA," Thomas Brandt, spokesperson of IAA elaborated. He continued, "it is humbling to see the level of craft displayed in the submitted works. Our most sincere commendations go out to those behind said works and for setting such a high standard for excellence for all to follow."

TECNO emerged victorious with the award for the smartphone. TECNO's PHANTOM X2 Pro serves as a game-changing innovation that has catapulted the brand to success in the competitive smartphone industry. And the recent recognition from the prestigious MUSE Creative and Design Awards serves as a shining testament to TECNO's relentless pursuit of excellence in creating products that perfectly fit the needs of its customers. With its sights set high, TECNO is determined to keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible and keep delivering revolutionary products that exceed expectation.