TECNO Spark 7T - 6000 mAh Battery Phone

Tecno Spark 7 T Smartphone Features

TECNO Spark 7T - 6000 mAh Battery Phone
TECNO Spark 7T 48 MP Dual Camera Phone

Business at the front,
Party at the back

SPARK 7T brings the perfectly proportioned forms and best-in-class functions together under one playful roof.

TECNO SPARK 7 T Slim phone

Watch out, Or it will slip
through the tiniest crack

All that you ever desire is here: A streamlined body and a slimmer waistline. What more could you possibly want?

TECNO Spark 7T - Lest Mobile Phone

Color of fashion

Bring out your vitality and youth with three stylish colors: Nebula orange; Magnet Black; Jewel Blue For our rising generation, SPARK logo is especially designed that can show your unique personality.

TECNO Spark 7T - Smartphone

Fashionable and luxurious

Do you want something luxurious on your phone? We got it. Our stylish camera panel brings you a fashionable and dynamic phone. Pick SPARK, be the shining star.

TECNO Spark 7T - Indian Mobile Phone

48MP AI Dual Camera
More details in your photo

The newly-added AI lens brightens the overall dark environment and has made it easier for you to capture every wonderful yourself and moment quickly.

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Video Bokeh
Who knew blur can be so

Bring out your inner cinematographer and shoot films like the professionals. Video Bokeh focuses on the portrait and blurs the background which giving your video a cinematic touch.

TECNO Spark 7T - Latest Mobile Phone

Smile Snapshot
Time the moment to

AI Portrait focuses on the face and captures the photo when it sees a smile. You will never miss out on the perfect shot.

TECNO Spark 7T - Indian Mobile

Slow Motion
Be the hero of your own

Shooting at 120fps, capture smooth and clear slow-motion footage. Its automatic sparkle detection and continuous frame analysis will give even the most dynamic and sporty shots a blockbuster look.

TECNO Spark 7T - Long Battery Life

Small but mighty

You should have smooth animations, quick app load and sharp photos by our Octa-core processor. A small chipset can give you a powerful using experience.

Spark 7T With Long Lasting Battery life

6000mAh Battery
Always Standby

Do you believe that a mobile phone can stand by for nearly 30 days? SPARK 7T did it. Say Goodbye to run around the street panicking and trying to find a charging station, SPARK 7T is always on standby, escorting you with its powerful battery performance.

TECNO Spark 7T - Best Indian Mobile

No hiccups

SPARK 7T can save you from these embarrassing scenarios: ‘Storage Almost Full’ constantly popping up, screen lagging, playing games not smoothly, etc. With 128GB+4 GB storage, more spaces are available for photos, music, videos and files. *64+4GB version is available

TECNO Spark 7T - Latest Mobile Phone

Sharing is caring

When happiness is shared, it multiplies. With Bluetooth Audio Share 2.0, you can spread your joy to even more people. Get the party started whenever, wherever and let your friends and family join in a music-blasting, merry-making fest.

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Film Album
Make your pictures into
eye-catching movies

Ever tried to create a movie from photos? Simply select a few of your photos and you have a blockbuster in your hands. Want to create special memory for your best friend or relative? Select photos where you’re together and you have a blockbuster of your time together. Creating an unforgettable gift for a special person in your life has never been so easy!

TECNO SPARK 7 T indian mobile with HiOS

Document Auto-rotate
Auto course-correct your
crooked documents

Did you take pictures of important documents but the position and angles are all bent out of shape? Document correction uses perspective correction and page edge detection technology to auto course-correct your documents and adjusts it for easier and correct viewing.

TECNO Spark 7T - Best Camera Phone

Voice Changer
Interesting Chatting by
disguised voice!

Voice Changer transforms your voice and add effects. It helps you to customize voice effects the way you want. Want to sound like a woman, man, girl, boy, old woman or a baby? Now you can add effects to your voice and sound like the real thing. Change your voice in real time and have fun with friends. A perfect way to disguise your voice!

TECNO Spark 7T - Long Vedio Play Back

Peek Proof
Guard your phone screen
privacy from snooping eyes

Ever feel paranoid when using your phone in public? Perhaps you have a super-secret social media account you don’t want your co-workers to know about. Peek Proof is designed to obscure your phone’s display so others have a hard time snooping over your shoulder when you chat or use your phone in public. No more need to worry about catching a stranger snooping at your phone screen in the bus or train. "Shoulder surfing" is now a thing of the past!

TECNO mobile SPARK 7 T PRO indian mobile

Vault 2.0
Hide away your apps and
gallery from prying eyes

Tired of feeling insecure anytime you give your phone to your friend? Lock your apps and gallery so that no intruder can check them out. Whatever app you love to keep locked is now a matter of seconds. Password protect your sensitive apps and media so there is no way an intruder can check the app. Vault 2.0, helps you hide message notification, encrypt, and hide your personal photos. Now you can protect every aspect of your privacy, no more information leaks!

TECNO Spark 7T - Best Camera Phone

Kids Mode
Monitor and track your
child's online activity

Restrict what content and how long you Child can play to safeguard you children.You can prevent children from using unwanted applications and control the time they spend using their mobile phones. More importantly, when the child is lying down and looking at the phone, he will immediately remind him to correct the wrong posture.