Q. What if the GPS does not work in the phone?

  • The signal indoors is not strong enough for your current location, please walk around and find a place with better signal.
  • The firmware is not working; please download the firmware from the official Tecno website or get it upgraded from a local service centre.

Q. What if the touch screen does not work?

Gently press the power button to turn off the screen and turn it back on. In most cases this fault can be solved with this step;

  • If the phone screen is humid or wet, please wipe away the water on the phone screen to recover the screen-touch function.
  • There are some running applications that slow down the system, please wait until the system is back to normal or close corresponding applications.
  • Hard reset the device with power and volume down key .Check if the screen activates.
  • The device firmware or the screen itself is faulty, please download the firmware from the website and download or go to the service centre and get the phone flashed with new SW.

Q. What if we are unable to cannot connect or pair with BT?

  • Check the BT version of both the devices
  • Check the Connection limit, if the distance is more the device will not connect ,hence try to connect within the BT connect range
  • Set the BT mode and discoverable in settings
  • Update the firmware from website or service centre.

Q. What if unable to make calls via device?

  • Please check if the airplane mode is off /on.
  • If call barring is set please deactivate the same from settings
  • Check the phone IMEI through *#06# and check if the IMEI exists or not. If not please get the IMEI flashed through a local service center.
  • Check Settings >About phone >Status >Sim Status >Signal Strength >>The value should be less then 95 dbm .
  • Get the firmware upgrade through a local service centre.

Q. What if we are unable to charge the device?

  • Use a different USB cable /Charger or battery.
  • Reactivate, refresh the firmware.

Q. What if the device cannot be connected to computer or laptop?

  • Please allow USB devices in Device manager
  • Check the USB cable if faulty please change the same
  • Get the firmware downloaded from local service centre

Q. What if the device is unable to take photos from camera?

  • Close the camera application and try again
  • Go to settings >Try to “Force stop” the camera and try again
  • Reset the phone using volume down and power key
  • Restart the device and check
  • Update the firmware

Q. What if we are unable to connect to WIFI?

  • Wi-Fi signal is too weak to establish the connection, please make sure the Wi-Fi signal is good enough when trying to connect. Connection restrictions have been set on wireless router (such as MAC/IP filtering), please change the connection restriction of the router
  • Phone firmware is faulty, please download the firmware from official website and update the phone.

Q. What if we are unable to connect to LTE mode?

  • Restart your phone
  • Make sure the mobile data is enabled Settings >mobile network >Data
  • Update your system to latest version via OTA upgrade in settings
  • Check the local operator and coverage

Q. What if my device feels hot ?

It is normal that the Smartphone device gets heated while using internet /playing games or accessing youtube or downloading youtube videos . There is a certain range upto which this is acceptable .

  • However try the instructions below
  • Turn off the WIFI /BT /GPS etc
  • Turn off the apps playing in the background
  • Turn down the brightness of the screen and keep it aside for sometime reducing the screen sleep time
  • Uninstall abnormal apps
  • Try not to use the phone when on charge

Q. How to use rocket charging on the device?

  • Use the Tecno Charger
  • Check the rocket Symbol on the phone
  • Click
  • The rocket charging will start

Q. What if the device shows abrupt behaviour like turning on/off ?

  • Check the battery of the phone
  • Try charging if not charged
  • Upgrade with latest firmware
  • Try hard reset with power button and volume down button

Q.How to activate ultra power mode in the device ?

Go to settings >Power saving management >Activate ultra power mode and use

Q. How to activate Fingerprint in the device?

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to fingerprint management
  • Confirm your pin
  • Create finger print
  • Here you go with the added print ,Use to lock and unlock the phone

Q. Is the device compatible with the external hardware?

Yes the device is compatible with the external hardware and one can use 2 TB of hardisk with the same to access data.

Q. Is integrated video call available in the device?

Yes the device is only compatible with reliance Jio sim for video call.