TECNO Spark 8T Mobile Phone

Tecno Spark 8 T

TECNO Spark 8T - 50MP Ultra Clear AI Dual Camera
TECNO Spark 8T - 1080P FHD

1080P FHD+ Dot Notch Screen and DTS Stereo Sound Effect
An audio-visual feast

The perfect combination of 16.71CM (6.6") 1080P FHD+ Dot Notch Screen and DTS Stereo Sound Effect.
A cinema-level visual enjoyment is waiting for you.

TECNO Spark 8T - Dot Notch Screen

50MP Ultra Clear AI Dual Camera
More detail in your photo

TECNO Spark 8T 5000mAh long lasting battery

5000mAh long lasting battery
For an energetic you

Never get caught up in a power crunch again.
The 5000mAh long lasting battery optimizes the power
and brings to you an endurance powerhouse.

TECNO Spark 8T with Octa-core processor

Helio G35, Octa-core processor
Perfect performance

The G35 Octa-core processor of Spark 8T
enables smoother animation, quicker App downloads and sharper photos.

TECNO Spark 8T Iconic Design

Iconic Design
Young and Futuristic

The Spark 8T comes in bold and futuristic designs. Its iconic design language with a dazzling shell has taken the looks of the phone to a whole new level.

Spark 8T Super Boost feature

Super Boost
Enjoy smooth and uninterrupted experience at all times

With the Spark 8T’s Super Boost feature, your phone will run smoothly even in weak network.
Enjoy smooth multi-tasking and enhance your overall experience with Spark 8T.

TECNO Spark 8T- 50MP Main Camera
TECNO Spark 8T Ultra clear texture

50MP Main Camera
Super-clear texture, beyond imagination

Whether it's a trip out, a picnic with friends, or an outdoor architectural shoot, with the SPARK 8T's 50 MP Main Camera, it can bring a clear world of images and freeze the beautiful details of life through excellent image processing.

Best phone TECNO Spark 8T  with HDR Mode

HDR Mode
No fear of backlighting

Worried about bad light? With HDR mode on, you can take photos in backlit scenes and still retain details in bright and dark areas.

Best smartphone TECNO Spark 8T with 8MP Portrait Camera

8MP Portrait Camera
Discover a more pretty you

Get confident in front of the camera with Spark 8T.
Its 8MP portrait camera takes clearer and smarter portraits so that you don’t hesitate in taking selfies any more.

Best phone TECNO Spark 8T with Beautiful Bokeh Feature

Beautiful Bokeh

Do you want to highlight the subject in your photo.
Spark 8T’s Bokeh mode can focus on certain points of light and blur the background at the same time.

Best phone TECNO Spark 8T with Camera Phone

Capture your sweet smile, every time

Spark 8T’s camera detects subtle changes in your mouth, eye wrinkles, etc. and captures your charming smile. Capture and cherish your happy moments of the day.

Tecno Spark 8T Smartphones

Beauty 4.0
Spark your beauty

Spark 8T comes with New AI male and female identification, intelligent model, more compact and convenient UI.
Now easily get bright eyes, smooth skin, slim face, spot and acne removal.
Beauty 4.0 is a comprehensive upgrade of your beauty.

Tecno Spark 8T Photography feature

1080P time-lapse photography
Savour your surroundings thoroughly

Hey, have you observed this world carefully?
The 1080P time-lapse photography can create a video that shows the movement of your environment, allowing you to take in the beauty of the world.

120FPS Slow Motion Record feature of Spark 8T phone

120FPS Slow Motion
Record your best moments

Wow, now your wonderful moment can be recorded by shooting at 120 FPS, capturing smooth and clear slow-motion footage.

Tecno spark 8T Best Performance Smartphone
 Tecno spark 8T With 64GB ROM + 4GB RAM

Ultra-large Memory

Still struggling with the ‘Storage Almost Full’ constantly popping up? We fixed it by 64GB ROM + 4GB RAM. Now you can snap as many photos as you need, and play as many games as you want, without any lagginess and annoying prompts.

Tecno spark 8T with 3 Slots Dual SIM

3 Slots
Dual SIM +
Expandable Micro SD

Tecno spark 8T with Soplay 2.0 Feature

Soplay 2.0
Everyone can be a music producer

Explore different beats, record your voice and make your unique music.
Generate ringtones with one click.
No internet required, you can make music on the fly with High quality sound packs.

Spark 8T with UI Design
Spark 8T Feature

New UI Design
All new for you

1. Cosmos blue for Infinite vitality and freedom
2. Delivering Breakthrough Intelligence from the bottom to the top
3. Less means, more minimalism expressed in every detail
4. Smart switch to dark mode.

Spark 8T Phone with Smart switch to dark mode
Spark 8T -Film Album

Film Album
Make your photos into a blockbuster

Ever tried to create a movie from photos? Simply select a few of your photos and you have a blockbuster in your hands.
Want to create special memory for your best friend or relative? Select photos where you’re together and you have a blockbuster of your time spent together.

Best Spark 8T -Kids Mode Features

Kids Mode
A real time track of your kid’s online activity

Restrict what content and how long your child can pay to safeguard your children. You can prevent your children from using unwanted applications and control the time they spend using their mobile phone. More importantly, when your child is lying down and looking at the phone, it will immediately remind him to correct the wrong posture.

Best Spark 8T with Peek Proof Feature

Peek Proof
Guard your phone screen privacy from snooping eyes

Ever felt paranoid when using your phone in public? Perhaps you have a super-secret social media account you don’t want your co-workers to know about. Peek Proof is designed to obscure your phone's display so others have a hard time snooping over your shoulder when you chat or use your phone in public. No more need to worry about catching a stranger snooping at your phone screen in the bus or train. "Shoulder surfing" is now a thing of the past!

Best Spark 8T Vault 2.0 Feature

Vault 2.0
Guard your privacy

Tired of feeling insecure anytime you give your phone to your friend? Lock your apps and gallery so that no intruder can check them out. Whatever app you love to keep locked is now a matter of seconds. Password protect your sensitive apps and media so there is no way an intruder can check the app. Vault 2.0, helps you hide message notification, encrypt, and hide your personal photos.