Spotlight Shot

This hack is for low light photography. You can create your own spotlight using a paper cup with its base removed to form a hollow half cone. Secure the cup around the flashlight of your phone and you have your own spotlight set up. Turn on the flashlight and focus it on your subject, start clicking with another phone.

Panorama Clone Shot

You can use this hack while taking a panorama shot and clone your model. Turn on the panorama mode on your phone, start by capturing your subject in the first frame, then as you move your phone to the right, ask the subject to move to the next frame in a different pose. Repeat this multiple times to clone your subject in a single panorama shot.

Reflection Shot

Create an artistic reflection of the object you wish to capture. Use a mirror or a phone screen and place it at right angle under your phone camera. Switch on the wide angle mode of your phone camera, adjust the angle of the mirror to get the reflection of the scene and start taking photos of the scene to get the perfect reflection shots.


Slow-mo Reverse Video

Showcase the beauty of every second with your smartphone camera. Set up the scene that you wish to record, like falling water drops, or flower petals. Turn on the slow-motion video mode of your camera and start recording the subject and object in the scene. Reverse the video in edit mode. You will get the slow motion video with the scene unfolding in reverse.

Drone Shot

Capture drone angle video with your phone camera. This simple hack uses a monopod, a gimbal mounted on the monopod. Switch on the wide angle mode of your phone camera and attach it to the gimbal. Hold the monopod high over the subject and start shooting the video. This will give you drone-like video without using a drone!